How to Use Data Highlighter from google Search Console

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Once upon a time SEO was not so focusing thing in internet world. Sequentially people take it seriously for getting good feedback from search engines and implement some of very common On-page and Off-page SEO tactics and eventually they did well. People follow this process a pretty long time after that google decide that they will change their search algorithm and also google bring some standard rules and regulation for doing SEO. Then people searching for new algorithm and study with them and such this way often time google change their Search Algorithm and people will go with that. Day by day SEO becoming difficult, this is 2016 and this is the age of doing Advance Search Engine Optimization. So many SEO Experts are running today for finding a new way for better result in search engine result page (SERP). So if you want to get best feedback in search result then you have to do more and more advance SEO. Today I will share with you a little but advance and very effective thing which is “Data highlighter” try to teach you about How to Use Data Highlighter from google Search Console . You must hear about Google Search Console (As well known as Google Webmaster) and I hope you have already add your website or blog there.
>> So login to your google Search Console account then go to your expecting website/blog…

Use Data Highlighter -1> Go to

> Search Appearance > Data highlighter…

Use Data Highlighter -2

> Click on Start Highlighting Button…

Use Data Highlighter -3

> Enter your URL on Pop Up box then select your type of information and then click Ok.

Use Data Highlighter -4

> Select your page title as a “Data Highlighter” title…

Use Data Highlighter -5

> Do all the Highlight in a same process and click Done button…

Use Data Highlighter -6

> Click on ‘Create Set Page’ button…

Use Data Highlighter -7

> For all page highlighting as you want and keep clicking ‘Next’ button and finally click ‘Done’ …

Use Data Highlighter -8

> And you are done finally but you have to wait couple of days for get the result in search engine.

Use Data Highlighter -9


So my friend do this for improve your website or blog ranking, it can definitely bring a good result for your web. Keep with me and read more Advance SEO Tactics.


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