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Real effect of SEO guys growing quickly in Bangladesh

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What’s going on to choose SEO  :

Now a days youths are very passionate to gets some earning and in that case they trying to do something which s/he feel easy to do. People search jobs on freelancing sites  and I saw that most of them choose SEO as their expertise because it’s looks easy to work. People think let’s do some ‘social bookmark’ , ‘directoris’ , ‘articles’ , ‘forum’ , ‘blogs’ etc and get done the work. But do you ever think that this is good for us or not? NO Dear ! you may get couple of project to do but believe me you can’t deliver any excellent job that you done you may doing so so but you forget that you destroy the market place and our country reputation and if you do that you may get a little amount but think you are destroying your freelancing career because that guy never come back to you whom project you  spoilt and they got a negative experience about our countries freelancers.

What should to do :

Lessen I’m not discouraging anyone, even this is really very good that our youths flow on  this sector. But you should know how to start your career? My advice for the newbie’s you must be passionate but not for the earning it has to be learning. You can take advice from experts or who know well about SEO, then you can take help from youtube watch tutorials etc. And when you strongly feel that you learned as much that you can handle a project  then you should work with a SEO specialist as a assistant. This is the actual way that you can shine you future.

What qualification you have to be a freelancer ?

As I say how to start learning SEO, you should go that way and when you want to start you freelancing career remember carefully you must have minimum 6 month experience to work with any SEO expert with couple of live project. Then you may able to take a project with your confidant mind and hopefully you may do a successful job and got a full marks from your client.

SEO profession and career:

Here I revealed a true thing !! to know well about only SEO it’s not enough to make your good career. You must switch in ‘Digital Marketing’ and this is vast thing. I can’t tell you here about this may I will present you another lesson on Digital Marketing but you just put it on your brain that you will switch into that when you wants a good career on internet marketer. After you getting enough experience on this sector you may provide professionally SEO services globally.

Advice in a Line :

You must passionate on learning SEO and set a target to build your career. Take time to gets experiences don’t be hurry. Build you excellence and be confidant you must achieve your goal.

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