May Alexa Will Not Show Your Unique Backlink Result Anymore (Case Study)!!

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There are millions of people follow the ‘Alexa’ report for their websites. Country varies  the importance of this report, if I tell you about my country (Bangladesh) there are a vast of people follow the Alexa Ranking Report. Those people evaluate a website by this ranking position. Now come to the point, I have some local clients who drive some Newspapers sites and I’m working for them as a SEO Specialist & Consultant. Till middle of November 2016 all are going perfect after that I found something wrong, the alexa ranking are goes up !! I was tensed, I was thinking that it’s all are happening for the Google New Penguin 4.0 Update. I worked on this google new algorithm so much even I discuss with some international SEO experts but I don’t found the exact problem. After a few days I get doubt on Alexa because all are going perfect for my site as before, my visitor flow, my backlinks all are increasing but the Alexa ranking going up day by day. Even I was try to contact Alexa but they are not response to me. Now today’s morning I found something wrong guess what Alexa are not showing “Unique Backlink” count down. Usual they are showing 5 unique source link down there (for free report) but they are showing “Zero” for backlink summery.


I’m not 100% sure that Alexa had any problem or change anything into their reporting but I can say there may have some changed according to my live experiment.

So I hope very soon it will be discover that what is happening in Alexa, Let’s see it…


03 Dec 2016 :

Ohohooo ! All right, it’s good to see today morning that Alexa back to their action. Maybe there was just few internal arrangement happening that’s why we see that issue. But Now it’s perfectly all right.



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